Picture Pages

I have begun to organize my picture pages.
Please click on the links below to see my work.
You may rest assured that I have not quit my day job.

Merida (September 2003)

Merida (October 2002)

Germany and Ireland ( September, 2001)

Dan's Merida Pictures ( August, 2000)

Dunedin, Florida Causeway (November, 2000)

Ireland (February, 2000)

Clearwater, Florida Beach (September, 2000)

Chichen Itza, Mexico ( A long time ago)

Cancun, Mexico (August, 2000)

Clearwater Beach (November, 2000) B & W

Clearwater Beach ( December, 2000) a stormy day B&W

Sand Key ( March 2001) color

Orquestra Infinidad ( November 2000 )