Wow! you have made it pretty far in your journey.  You must really be interested in thanatology. You may be able to locate some of the sources I mentioned in your library using these tools.

The United States Library of Congress has an online catalog.  You can certainly find many interesting titles there, but you may not be able to check them out - unless of course you are a Congressman .  It is a wonderful resource for finding item you may wish to obtain from other libraries through interlibrary loan.

The National Library of Canada also has an online catalogue.  It is available at their web site . A searchable Union Catalog is also available that can help patron locate materials at hundreds of Canadian libraries nationwide.

Those in the United Kingdom may find the British  Library Public Catalog helpful.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has links to thousands of libraries worldwide.

The New York Public Library is a favorite place of mine, I visit it almost every time I visit the City.  Feel free to browse their online catalog, CATNYP and LEO  If you're in town drop by to have a look, I could spend a lifetime there! Tell Patience and Fortitude I said hello.

OCLC has a wonderful search that includes the National Union Catalog, however unlike the sources above OCLC is available only through libraries.  Check out your local public or academic library they probably have it available.  It can locate may items and they can be requested on loan from other libraries.

Walk around your local library.  Try sections 393 and 306 if your library uses the Dewey Decimal system or GT31xx ( Manners and Customs) and GN70xx (Anthropology) if the Library of Congress system is used.

Always, remember you can ask a librarian.  All the ones I know are friendly, helpful people.

There are many organizations and associations which may offer you more information.

The National Funeral Directors Association is a trade group in the United States.  The have an informative web site.

The web site of the International Cemetery and Funeral Association, another trade group has links to some other counties funeral trade associations.

The Natural Death Centre in the UK is an organization set up to provided a dignified alternative to expensive heavily marketed funerals.  There are links to the US, Canadian, Australia and New Zealand branches on the Centre's page.