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The Americas

 These resources about funeral customs in the North and South America ( the US is listed separately) should start your trek off quite well.  Some  annotated resources appear at the top and others are mentioned below. If you want more information please ask a librarian!

¤ Ariès, P. (Ed.). (1975). Death in America. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

 This collection of essays spans North America with topics on death in Mexican folk culture, native Canadian funeral customs, death in pre-Civil War America.  A bit older than most sources it provides an unparalleled view of death in the Americas not centered on the United States.

¤ Lewis, O. (1969). A death in the Sánchez family. New York: Random House .

This book is a case study of how death affected a poor family in central Mexico.  Clearly written with little room for unneeded emotion this book shows just how life changing a death and its attendant ceremonies and expenses can be.

¤ Harper, K. (2000). Give me my father's body: The life of Minik the New York Eskimo. South Royalton,
     VT: Steerforth Press.

This story of Minik, an Eskimo brought to New York with his father and several others by the Perry expedition from remote northern Greenland.  They were exhibited the Museum of Natural History to paying customers. Minik's father dies and he is prevented from claiming the body for a traditional burial.  The closest surviving relative, Minik, is required to see that the funeral takes place.  The grief and despair brought on this young man were a sad tale of greed over humanity.

Some other useful resources are:

¤ Prandi, R. (1999, December). Funeral Rites in the Orisha Religion in Brazil: Constitution,
     Significance, and Recent Tendencies”. Paper presented at Florida International University,
     Department of Religious Studies, Conference on The Globalization of Yoruba Religious Culture,
     Miami, Florida .

 ¤ Moylan, L. A. (1999, April). The Machupe Indians of Chile: Politics, resistance and tradition.
     Retrieved December 1, 2002, from: http://www.soc.uu.se/mapuche/mapuint/Moylan990400.html